Anna Marie's Alliance Community Advocates work either with specific populations or specific programs.  All have one goal in mind, to end the violence.  If you need help, please call 320-253-6900 to speak to an advocate. 

Criminal Justice Intervention (CJI)

Criminal Justice Intervention advocates provide advocacy to victims who have an active case in the justice system and monitor the system’s response to domestic abuse at all stages of the process. Advocates engage law enforcement agencies, either by phone or on the scene of a domestic assault, in Stearns, Benton, Sherburne and Wright counties through implementation of the Lethality Assessment Protocol—a process that identifies victims of domestic violence who are the greatest risk of harm and encourages them to go to provider services.

On-Scene Advocates

The On-Scene Advocates are called to the scene of a domestic violence incident immediately after the scene has been secured by law enforcement.  On-Scene Advocates provide immediate assistance to the victim.  This program is important to assist victims in reaching services as soon as possible. 

Latina Advocate

Ana Maria Studer offers support and advocacy to Latina victims of domestic violence.


LBGTQ Advocate


Breanna LaRue offers support and advocacy to victims of domestic violence who are membes of the LBGTQ community. 

"My name is Breanna L. (she/her/hers) I am the LGBTQ Community Advocate here at Anna Marie’s Alliance. If you would like to contact me, you can call the organization at 320-253-6900 and ask for me directly, or you can email me at The best way to get into contact with me would be through email.

My position at Anna Marie’s Alliance is to reach out to folks in the LGBTQ community and let them know that we are a safe place for all people experiencing domestic violence; regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. No one deserves to live with violence.

I am sensitive to the unique challenges that people who identify as LGBTQ face in relation to domestic violence. My goal is to extend our reach into the community, and hold a safe space for survivors to transition into a life that is free from violence in whatever way they see as fitting for their wants and needs.

We provide shelter, assistance in filing orders (orders for protection, harassment restraining orders), advocacy at court as it relates to domestic violence, and I can help with safety planning.

Love is love, and love doesn’t hurt."


East-African Immigrant Advocate

Naima Hussein provides support and advocacy to victimes of domestic violence who are members of the East-African Immigrant population in Central Minnesota. 

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